The Sundering will reshape the Forgotten Realms, involving the whole pantheon of gods, many nations, countless individuals, and the fabric of the cosmos itself. Powerful forces both mortal and divine are set in motion, and will bring an end to the Era of Upheaval.

Lead by the fallen paladin Ein Greyhorn, the Greyhorn Ravens adventuring guild will find their place in this tumultuous time and change the fate of Faerûn – for good or ill.

With a free account to Obsidian Portal we don’t have access to the forum or calendar, but we use Facebook for that so it’s fine. Please use the Characters section to put any info about your character (backstory, habits, goals, fears, family etc) in there, and I’ll update the Adventure Log with our recaps. The Wiki section can be used for any plot stuff you want to write down and share with the group.

The Greyhorn Ravens: Sundering

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