The Greyhorn Ravens: Sundering

Sundering, Ep 1.4

The Trek

Rewards for this Session:

Buried chest – 2000gp, 3 large diamonds (3000gp each= 9000gp), sapphire necklace (6000gp, Delia)
Troglodytes’ stolen gems – 26 rose agates (60gp each= 1560gp)
Stalker’s Guardian Mask – White mask whispers warnings of danger. +2 to initiative. (Ein)
=12,560gp to the Ravens’ coffers (necklace and mask not included)
=19,060 total in Ravens’ hoard

The Greyhorn Ravens greeted a dewy spring morning before setting off on their trek for the center island volcano to seek the old ruins and the native azer and wood elves who live nearby.

Along the way, kelemvite priest Delia Evenhand found her true calling as a commander of lesser beings as she rebuked a hunting party of neanderthals into doing her every bidding. Worshipping her as their new god, the primitives followed Delia and acted as her new lackeys. One of the 6 warriors under her service was not long for this world, however, as a few hours later he became a cautionary tale about the danger of a stirge swarm.

A clan of troglodytes appeared fresh from a successful raid, having recently slain a band of neanderthals for food, and carrying a large number of semiprecious gems which were likely stolen, as the evil lizard men had yet to bring the jewels to their lair. Shriek’s Fog Cloud put the enemy in a bad position to face their attackers on fair terms, and in a blaze of glory Arc made short work of them with his new druid incantation, Call Lightning.

Carnivorous monkeys surprised Arc later that day, but it was all they could do to the agile dragonborn as he expertly dodged their every attack until his allies arrived to clear the murderous beasts shortly after. Ein and his new ankylosaurus mount were a force to be reckoned with.

It was two days trek since the group left the phanaton territory before they reached the base of the volcano, however their curiosity about what mysteries lay inside the volcano would have to wait. As the group approached the mountain they fell swiftly into the silent and deadly hands of the elven warband they had heard about earlier. The skill of these elves was apparent, as their ambush was executed with flawless precision. The Ravens were forced to surrender or face certain death, and so, with their hands tied and weapons confiscated (except Ein’s, which he dismisses when not in combat) the Greyhorn Ravens were captured by the elite elven patrol unit.



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