The Greyhorn Ravens: Sundering

The Story Up Until Now

The Legend of Yuirdendas Diamondeath
Dwarfholme – a city known to some outsiders by it’s old human name Dawn Gate, before it was resettled by it’s ancestral founders, the Torgarsaxe dwarf clan – recently had one of it’s most treasured artifacts, the warhammer Goldbludgeon, stolen by bandits. The Greyhorn Ravens took up the job of locating the hammer, only to find the weapon would be the key in an evil plot by the dwarf blackguard Arcturas Diamondeath.
The dark paladin was the great great great great great grandson of Yuirdendas Diamondeath, a traitor to his own clan who attained power through deals with fiends from the abyss and turned his whole clan mad with dark magic before warrior hero Graros Torgarsaxe slew the mage and lead the charge to purge the corrupted Diamondeath clan from the land.
The Ravens tried to stop Arcturas, but alas they were too late, and he succeeded in resurrecting the spirits of his old ancestors. Before the evil paladin could gain control over his new powers he was slain by the Greyhorn Ravens, at the cost of their leader’s life.
The paladin Samos decided to keep the hammer Goldbludgeon for himself, deeming the weapon too fine to give back to the Torgarsaxe clan, as they had gotten so fat and lazy in their recent generations that they could not even muster the strength of force to retrieve the weapon by themselves.
Ein was resurrected, but in a dream he was visited by his god Kelemvor, who bade him to sacrifice his closest friend if he wished to be blessed with divine magic once more.
The Explorer’s Journal
When the Greyhorn Ravens left the town of Dwarfholme on their pilgrimage, High Priest Aedurin gave Ein an old record book, signed with the initials “RB.”
The book describes a journey to a mysterious island (including compass bearings and coordinates) and a sketched map of the coastline.
The map shows a few inland features, including a path to a friendly village called Tanaroa. RB’s notes describe the settlement but warn that, although the natives of Tanaroa are open to trade, other inhabitants of the island are hostile and might be cannibals. According to the record, RB taught the friendly natives the common tongue.
The log goes on to speak of a huge barrier, called the Great Wall, that seals off the jungle lands beyond Tanaroa. The villagers call the farther territory the “Isle of Dread” and told RB of an ancient “city of the gods” in the center of the island. This city is rumored to be full of riches, including five perfect emeralds. Fierce and exotic monsters roam the jungle: enormous reptilian creatures, overgrown apes, and bizarre beings unknown in other lands.
The Journey
The journey to the island took 19 days, and as the group aboard Vangardehast’s ship “Black Lion” got closer to it, they saw many wonderous things. A huge bird – impossibly large, big enough to carry an elephant in one talon – flew through the clouds overhead, far above, casting a great shadow on the water. Mermaids or mermen could be seen in the water below, and a great whale surfaced briefly before a dire shark twice the whale’s size suddenly attacked it and darkened the water with the whale’s blood.
Pirates attacked, and Vangardehast lulled them into thinking the ship a trader’s vessel, before giving the command for the cannons to be loosed. Between the cannons, the Red Eye war mage, Vangardehast’s seasoned boarding crew and the Ravens, the two pirate vessels were broken and burning in a matter of minutes. Many pirates were allowed to escape, as Vangardehast observes the Pirate’s Code, allowing his enemy to reconsider their hostile stance towards the Red Eye crew.
The Ravens would later rescue a local ranger from the clutches of the very same pirates, killing several dozen of the scum in the process. Their leader – a shadowy figure who was heard but not seen – swore revenge.
Harsh Lessons in the Wild
It has been four months since the group made landfall on Tanaroa and many of their number have been killed by local threats, for after their healer Orange was devoured there was no recourse when poison or disease took hold. Fideo sent a seabird to deliver a message and after one month, new allies arrived.
Ein was still disturbed by the absence of his deity, but determined in his cause to serve the church of Kelemvor, he swore an oath; the treasures of the lost city would be found.



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