The Greyhorn Ravens: Sundering

Episode 1.5

Out of the Cage and Into the Fire

Rewards for this Session


The session began with the Greyhorn Ravens having been captured by the elven war band. Taken away to their extensive tree-house network of interconnected platforms and swing bridges, the adventurers were locked in an ironwood cage which was then hoisted 300ft into the air by rope and pulley, to hang on an tree bough high above the forest floor. Four days and three nights they sat in that cage, ignored by their captors and left to die.. kept alive only by water conjured by Delia and Arc. On the fourth night, starving and exhausted, the group were awoken by two elves who introduced themselves as Sharliah and Orlenstar.

Orlenstar, a monk and a member of a group called the Prime Guardians – seers of a sort – looked upon the adventurers with eyes of shining white and confirmed to Sharliah that they were not “kopru in disguise”.

Sharliah, an elven woman of surpassing beauty and with a sincere and noble air about her, explained that the elven lands were in straits most dire – threatened by a war-like race from the Far Realm called the kopru, who sought invade the Prime Material Plane by tearing open a crossroads portal – a natural rift between the planes. The portal lay within the Baeilonn azer compound within the Tanaroa volcano, and in it’s natural state it can only transport a handful of people to the otherside at a time before travel from that side stops working for a few days. The kopru had fashioned a ritual circle on the Far Realm side of the portal, and for years they had tried to create a similar circle on the Prime Material side – a requirement for their ritual to tear the portal open wide enough for an army – but elven commandos lead by Prime Guardians such as Orlenstar had eliminated the kopru each time. Sharliah said that the kopru were warriors who also had mastery over psychic powers and could turn invisible at will, but the Prime Guardians possessed True Sight and could identify invisible kopru before the insidious invaders could finish their ritual circle.

To try and destroy the elves through other means, the kopru had sent a provocateur named Thraxxis who had slain many of the native azer and impicated the elves in these crimes, causing the Baeilonn azer to declare war on the Tintageer elves. This made it more difficult for the elves to make their way into the compound and destroy the kopru ritualists, costing many lives.

Foreseeing the Greyhorn Ravens arrival at the volcano, Thraxxis disguised himself as a travelling adventurer and was invited into the Tintageer compound. He then assassinated the elf lord’s wife Lythana, causing Lord Durothil to become mad with grief and paranoia. When the Greyhorn Ravens arrived, Durothil ordered them to be locked up, treated as enemies of the realm and never to be spoken to.

With enemies on all sides and no resources to stop this very real threat to the realms, Sharliah and Orlenstar believed that the Tintageer elves needed the assistance of such a diverse and skilled band of adventurers now more than ever. Ein had misgivings about fighting their battle out of the goodness of his heart, so Sharliah declared that if they could not stop the kopru, the insidious creatures would surely succeed and conquer the sword coast. She stated that it was the obligation of all goodly creatures to oppose such tyranny, but still Ein refused. Taking a different tact, Sharlaih then assured him that the elves and azer would be most generous with their reward once the portal was closed and the kopru threat ended. Unanimously, the Greyhorn Ravens then agreed to help.

Orlenstar and Sharliah hatched a plan for the Ravens to sneak into the Baeilonn compound, go through the portal, locate the device the kopru would use to tear open the crossroads, then bring it back to the elves so they could use it to close the crossroads portal instead. However, as the group made their way up the volcano to the azer compound they were ambushed by Lord Durothil and two score of his legionnaires. The elf lord declared Sharliah and Orlenstar be arrested for treason and the Greyhorn Ravens to be locked up in their cage once again. Ein tried to reason with Durothil, but he was too blinded by grief from the recent death of his wife; his pride too great to accept help or to tolerate disobedience and so, the battle was met.

Ein and Durothil had traded several blows in honorable single combat, and Ein found that Durothil’s armor appeared to heal wounds, while his sword had the ability to become white hot and slice through Ein’s plate armor like it was ply wood. Orlenstar flew into the fray against Durothil’s lieutenants, his ripped muscles flexing as the shirtless warrior sent two elves into total disarray with a flurry of punches, elbows and kicks. The battle raged for but a few short seconds however, before it was broken up by an azer war band charging over the ridge and straight down into the elven ranks. Balls of flaming pitch and explosive crashed onto the field and set the very earth ablaze. One fireball landed squarely between Ein, Durothil and Orlenstar, and as Ein rubbed the ash from his blurry eyes and got up off the ground he saw the elven monk fly through the flames to grab him by the collar. Orlenstar urged Ein to follow Helix and Sharliah in retreat. Durothil’s elves were completely routed and likewise fell back.

In the confusion the Ravens made their way into the azer compound and located the crossroads. Sharliah then used a Word of Recall to teleport back to the Tintageer encampment where she would likely be imprisoned and tried for treason against her brother, Lord Durothil.

Once through to the other side of the portal, the adventurers fought with two kopru ritualists – weak but wily mages with the power to mentally dominate a foe into doing their bidding – and their guardian behemoths – kopru imbued with massive strength and given magical rock-like skin.

The kopru realm was out of this world, literally. There was no atmosphere, just sections of slate grey rock formations with a network of tunnels connecting the various sections, in a great asteroid floating through space, while high above flew flying stone fortresses that appeared to levitate under their own power.

Orlenstar had an amulet around his neck that appeared to issue a translation in any listeners ear, of any language uttered in it’s presence. This allowed the group to understand the kopru and vice versa. The kopru guarding the portal entrance were arrogant and thought to destroy the intruders and take their loot for themselves without sharing it with their commander, “General Nartulu”.

After defeating the kopru, wIth the information Fideo had ensorcelled from the ritualist with a charm of suggestion, the Ravens were able to draw a crude map of the area which showed them where they needed to go to accomplish their task in locating the Planar Manipulator. The next thing the Ravens saw was a great army being drilled for combat, amassed in a nearby basin. Here, stealth and swiftness would be key.



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