The Greyhorn Ravens: Sundering

Sundering, Ep 1.2

Troglogytes, bats and dinosaurs

Rewards for this Episode:

450 XP each from quests and encounters
1,000 ep, 3,000 gp, and six large amethyst geodes (500 gp each). As per the Greyhorn Ravens charter, all currency gained is kept in a single hoard to be used for the good of the group, and requests for withdrawal are approved by majority vote. Every so often Fideo or Ein dish out allowances so the members have money for living expenses.


After defeating a tribe of troglodytes on the beach, the Greyhorn Ravens headed inland towards the great volcano and rumoured lost city.

With Shriek’s navigation skills and Vangardehast drawing a map, the group had no trouble navigating their way through the jungle over the next few hours of travel. During the trek, they witnessed the flight of a green dragon flying high above, headed towards the east.

After a few miles the adventurers encountered a treetop city made by a tribe of phanatons – small winged fey humanoids with a warrior culture. After bit of a tense diplomatic encounter, Ein negotiated an alliance and safe passage through the phanatons 6 square miles of territory, taking the group further south towards the volcano.

The fey gave a little information about the surrounding area as they escorted the Ravens south:

  • The dragon is an ancient green dragon named Evermelt. Shriek has had some experience dealing with dragons and advised that green dragons spit acid. All chromatic (coloured) dragons are universally evil while conversely, metallic dragons are universally good. Green dragons in particular love to torment and play with their victims sadistically, and they are jealous of other creatures who have expensive, shiny treasures. All dragons hoard gold, gems and magic items, and their hoards are the stuff of legend. To fight a dragon, however, is practically suicide for all but the most skilled warriors.
  • There are two factions in and around the volcano in the center of the island. The Baeilonn are a clan of azer – fiery dwarf elementals – and their enemies on the far side of the island are a clan of wood elves. The Baeilonn live in homes formed of rock and brass and wield fiery weapons. The phanaton leader didn’t say the name of the elf clan, so perhaps this is an indication that these elves keep to themselves. Apparently long ago during the start of the spellplague (a massive, chaotic event brought about by the death of Mystra, goddess of magic) the elves, azer and phanatons were transported through the planes to this island. The planes overlap each other, and sometimes where the veil between worlds is thin, creatures pass through. The spellplague made these thin sections – called “crossroads” – particularly vulnerable.

While the adventurers rested up and enjoyed the phanatons’ hospitality, the Ravens’ bard and alchemist Fideo Leonardi caught up to the group. Now fully assembled, the Ravens then traveled south with their phanaton escort. Some time after exiting the fey-protected lands and bidding their new allies farewell, the group came across the destruction wrought by a large creature crashing through the jungle. Tracking the path of destruction was all too easy, and soon the adventurers encountered the creature responsible; a rampaging ankylosaurus. Shriek identified that the beast had eaten a poisonous plant that had induced the rage. Through the use of Ein’s Command spell and some improvisation and bardic magic, the group managed to safely subdue the creature and it fell to the ground, exhausted and unconscious. Ein started to consider ways to make the beast his mount, but then there was a rustle from the trees nearby, and the group turned to see an allosaurus peek through at it’s prey before charging.



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