The Greyhorn Ravens: Sundering

Sundering, Ep 1.3

Allosaurus rumble

Rewards for this Session:

Thanks to the efforts of Regan and Mri at the table, everyone’s characters gain a level up. You’re now all level 5. Grab your character sheets from the link here and level them up using the Classes PDF, then Facebook message me the character sheet file if you need it printed.
Now that I’ve made your sheets up I won’t be managing them anymore except printing them when you ask me to.


With an unconscious ankylosaurus at their feet, the Ravens discussed whether it would be feasible for Ein to train it as his mount. Suddenly they were interrupted by a hiss and a growl rumbling through the trees at the edge of the clearing. A giant and deadly allosaurus peered through with predatory eyes. The beast towered over the adventurers at over 20 ft in height even when it hunched low to charge.. and charge it did, but was met immediately by Forgemaw, the great axe wielded by Vangardehast Maclane. The pirate captain leapt through the air and struck true with perfect precision, slicing once through the great lizards neck and then rotating mid-air in a full spin to cleave again and separate the dinosaur’s neck head from it’s body completely.

With a howl of grief and anger three more allosaurus’ leapt from their flanking position on the opposite side. The adventurers found they had slain the mother, while the father and two youngsters had readied themselves to ambush the group as they turned to face her. The 3 remaining predators charged and surrounded the group and the battle was met in full. The father put up much more of a fight than it’s mate, and Fideo was nearly slain in it’s opening attack, but Delia saved the bard with a timely healing prayer as he lay at deaths door.

The great lizards were finally slain after a tense and strategic fight by the Greyhorn Ravens. Vangardehast pointed out that with the area devastated from the dinosaurs’ combined rampage it appeared to be fully clear of any other dangerous creatures, and so with night only a few hours away and the ankylosaurus soon to awake from it’s slumber, the group decided they would set up camp for the night and cook the allosaurus brood for a hearty dinner.

When the ankylosaurus awoke, Fideo nursed it with a portion of delicious herbs imbued with magical curatives to further purge the toxins from it’s system, leaving the creature feeling revived and cared for. The group then combined their efforts to convince the creature to become an ally, and with his wilderness ways, Arc fashioned a makeshift harness for Ein to use to mount the beast.

As the camp was set Ein – who had previously believed that he had no access to divine spells after being cut off by his now-silent patron deity Kelemvor – spent the time to meditate on why it was that he was able to use his prayer of command to force the ankylosaurus to cease it’s rampage. Ein had uttered the prayer in the heat of the moment without thinking, and it was the first time he had attempted a divine spell since Kelemvor visited him in his dreams and said that as penance for dying in service, Ein would be cut off from using spells until he sacrificed his closest friend. Until the moment he stood face to face with an armored, berzerk dinosaur he hadn’t even thought to test his divine magic to see if it still functioned.

With the help of Fideo and Delia, Ein drew divine symbols in the earth and lit incense, casting himself into a ritual of divine prayer and insight into his deeper self. There, within his heart of hearts he found a hidden presence, an interloper who had possessed him; Arcturas Diamondeath, the last of the evil Diamondeath dwarf clan, who was slain by Ein’s hand in the name of Kelemvor during the dwarven blackguard’s ritual of undeath.

Ein pushed the possessing spirit from him using the strength of his ritual circle and his connection to Kelemvor was restored. The avenger then searched deeper, deeper, far into the realms of his inner self and traced the fleeing spirit of Arcturas back to his benefactor, a mighty pit fiend in the fiery reaches of the Abyss. Ein deduced that if the attemted deception to convince Ein to betray his friends and fall into darkness was brought on by the pit fiend to bring the Kelemvite paladin low, then the pit fiend may also be answering to a higher power such as the evil deities Asmodeus, Bane, Ghaunadaur, or Lolth.

With Ein’s resolve stronger than ever, the companions felt renewed confidence in their leader and their quest to seek the hidden treasures rumoured to be located in Tanaroa’s center volcano, where the Baeilonn clan of azer and a cloistered, secretive elven clan had fought an ancient war.



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